Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cleanse Day 7: Tempers Flare

Not such a good morning in our household.  For some reason I was feeling hungry and a little edgy.  The Little Sweetpea was in a rare state, throwing toys and chasing the dogs with a whiffle bat.  And the  Husband.  He started to irritate me yesterday when he wouldn't eat anything for lunch but a banana.  Then when Little Sweetpea got up this morning at 5:30am, the Husband just kept sleeping.  Wouldn't get up even with Sweetpea screaming "get up!  get up!".  I am a morning person, while the Husband is a night owl.  I do not recommend this combination in a marriage if it can be avoided.  Causes tension at inopportune times.

All this erupted into a very heated "discussion" about the cleanse.  I'm annoyed because I tried to make it as easy on him as I could, buying special things, adjusting the menu, etc.  I just wanted him to tell me what kind of fruits and vegetables he would like so I had something to work with, but all he did through the week was pout, make faces and generally act like a crabass.  He feels that I don't understand how hard this is for him.


The end result was we jumped ahead for dinner and had salmon.  It was pretty delicious.  Actually all the recipes for this week look delicious.  They were developed by Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen and I'm excited to try all of them.

Did a lot of prep work today.  It was like a circus in the kitchen, three rings of controlled chaos.  To save time I used vegetable broth in the recipes instead of making the cleansing broth, and love the peeled and cut butternut squash.

Fantastic product
The black bean and rice patties did not turn out as I expected.  They spread into very large, very thin black bean and rice pancakes.  Not sure where I went wrong.  When the Husband saw them, he said, "I never thought I'd be so happy to see beans."
Bean pancakes

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