Sunday, March 3, 2013

What a week

The wife is right in her post.  I told her I was going to be crabby during this thing and I have been a bit of a shithead.  I'm not a fruit and vegetable person.  I wanted to give it a shot and used this cleanse to start to eat better.  I was difficult because I knew my mind wouldn't be right.  My head tells me that I'm not going to like a food so I don't eat it.  However, I wanted to do this anyway to support the wife and use the cleanse as a starting point toward a healthier lifestyle.  K did do everything to try to get me to eat something and I respect everything that she has done and all the time she has put in with the planning and cooking.

I did ask for fish today (a day early) and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The cleanse has made me respect food even more and to not take advantage of it.  After not having anything other than what we had last week, the salmon felt like it was the best I ever ate.

K and I differ on many things, but manage to make it work.  I can be very picky about food and other things like clothes, shoes and organization.  This week has been challenging for me.  It was a tough week at work and I made it worse by not eating or being very cooperative.

A long week came to an end today.  Tomorrow is a new day and I got to eat fish tonight.  More importantly, I made it through the first week even if I didn't eat much.  I know because I lost 5 pounds.

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