Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cleanse Day 5/6: All it takes is a plan

We had a bit of a breakthrough last night.  The Husband was working late.  Unfortunately his retail management career makes this necessary when important events like the midnight release of Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 transpire.  I called him around 8:30 and asked him how he was feeling.  His reply - "good"!  The exclamation point was my addition, not indicative of his actual level of emotion.  However, I think he has hit a turning point.

As for myself, yesterday I went to happy hour without imbibing.  I substituted with about 10 glasses of water, which I suppose I am glad were't margaritas this morning.  Luckily Cactus Pear is vegetarian friendly, so there were a few options that fit into the cleanse.  I had the Pear Salad topped with portobello mushrooms, hold the cheese and dressing.  It was loaded with mushrooms and very satisfying.

When I started this cleanse, I thought the most difficult part would be the lack of baked goods and chocolate.  But the amount of fruit I'm eating seems to have appeased my sweet tooth, even though the aroma is quite enticing when I open the desk drawer containing my chocolate stash.  Temptation actually came in the form of alcohol.  Normally I would say I'd much rather have a piece of cake than a glass of wine, but that wasn't the case yesterday.  Everyone was enjoying an adult beverage, being social, and there is an association for me with drinking in those scenarios.  Hence the reason I consumed 10 glasses of water.  Interesting.

I am starting to prepare for next week, when fish (not shellfish), legumes, and gluten-free grains are back on the menu.  The Husband will be pretty excited about the salmon dishes.  I think he is struggling because, besides the fact he doesn't like many fruits, vegetables, or nuts, he views the plan as restrictive.  On the other hand, I have been really pleased at how much it has changed my approach to fruits and vegetables.  Previously I felt like when I cooked I had to serve a grain, protein, vegetable at every meal.  It has been eye-opening that my stomach is content with meals made entirely of fruits and vegetables.  The food is so colorful and appealing.  No heavy feeling after eating, no food hangovers.

I hope that after the cleanse is over I can keep up with preparing healthy meals daily.  I would like to avoid the chinese and pizza delivery trap.  All it takes is a plan, right?

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